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  1. Mike and Mike

    Latest Audio Clip

    Best of Mike and Mike: 4/23/14


    Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic talk about the significance of Albert Pujols' 500th HR and Mike Schmidt adds his thoughts. Plus, they guys celebrate 100 years of Wrigley Field.

    » More from Mike & Mike, M-F 5a-9a on KFH

  2. Sports Daily

    Latest Audio Clip

    Sports Daily w/ Bruce Haertl 04/23/14


    In the first hour with talk with former Shocker Jaime Bluma. In the 2nd hour we'll discuss more on the Greg Marshall rumors and your phone calls

    » More from Sports Daily, M-F 9a-11a on KFH

  3. Jim Rome Show

    Latest Audio Clip

    Jason Levien


    The Memphis Grizzlies CEO talks with Jim

    » More from Jim Rome Show, M-F 11a-2p on KFH

  4. Doug Gottlieb

    Latest Audio Clip

    The Doug Gottlieb Show Hour 1


    Doug shares what he thinks it will take for the Indiana Pacers to be fully back

    » More from Doug Gottlieb Show, M-F 2p-5p on KFH

  5. Shane Dennis Show

    Latest Audio Clip

    Shane Dennis Show 04/23/14


    Shane asked callers who their greatest home run hitters of all time. Shane also talked to Kirk Champion, minor league fielder coordinator on power hitters of the 21st century in minor leagues.

    » More from Shane Dennis Show, M-F 5p-7p on KFH

  6. Sedano & Stink

    Latest Audio Clip

    Sedano and Stink: 4/23/14


    Jorge and Mark run through the NFL Schedule release and talk to UFC President Dana White

    » More from Sedano & Stink, M-F 7p-9p on KFH

  7. His and Hers

    Latest Audio Clip

    His and Hers Daily: 3/4/14


    Michael Smith and Jemele Hill discuss LeBron James' 61-point performance against the Bobcats and debate where he now fits in the MVP race.

    » More from His & Hers, M-F at 3:30p on KFH

  8. Just Sayin with Jeff and Jamin

    Latest Audio Clip

    Just Sayin with Jeff and Jamin 04/19/14


    Matt Browning steps in for Jamin today. We'll talk baseball and other topics on today's show

    » More from Just Sayin' with Jeff and Jamin, Sat 10a-12p on KFH

  9. Butler Sports

    Latest Audio Clip

    Buttler vs Hutchinson 03/06/14


    Region VI quarterfinals

    » More from Butler Sports

  1. KFH Historical Audio

    Latest Audio Clip

    Bob Lutz on Doug Gottlieb Show


    Talking about WSU Men's Basketball 03/24/14

    » More from KFH Historical Audio

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